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Group SMX (SMS & E-mail)

1.5 usd

With Group SMX, anyone in the world can send SMS/E-mail messages to all their contacts by selecting them individually or as lists. It’s two apps in one for only USD 2.00, which is fast and extremely user friendly with eye catching interface.Sending Group SMS/E-mail is fun now as it automatically detects all your contacts to select and send SMS/E-mail messages with few swipes and clicks. No one needs to be tech savvy anymore.
Group SMX is compatible with a wide range of Android phones and uses a minimum of resources.
Special Features:• Create, Rename, Delete lists• Add contacts to multiple lists• Remove contacts from lists• Dial/Call contact numbers• Send SMS/E-mail messages to contacts• Send SMS/E-mail messages to lists• Change color schemes• Change themes• Backup/Restore contacts and lists• Import/Export contacts• Clear layout and easy navigation• Continuous updates
Limited feature Group SMS is available at
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